About our bees

Our bees are just our everything… we live and breathe bees. We are currently running over 200 hives. The numbers just keep growing.

When the weather conditions are right and the trees are bursting with nectar we split some of our hives which allows us to make more hives that are called Nuc’s (Nucleus hives are commonly known as nucs, pronounced newks). A nucleus hive consists of four full depth Langstroth frames of brood, honey and pollen with a locally raised mated queen).

We move our hives to different locations from North Brisbane to the Sunshine coast spreading out to the beautiful Jimna State Forest. We have also been fortunate enough to help a few local macadamia farms pollinate which has been fantastic for our bees and the farmers.

We believe in old school beekeeping meaning we want our customers to enjoy our honey in its most purest form. When extracting we don’t use any heat, chemicals or fillers. Straight from our hives to you.

No Additives. No Fillers. All Natural. 100% Australian.

About Todd & Chez

We are Todd & Chez along with our 2 beautiful children Jarvis & Sophia. We own Bellmere Honey which is an australian owned and operated business. We are full time beekeepers producing 100% raw honey along with honeycomb & beeswax.

We started off with only 8 beehives in 2010 which soon grew to 60 hives at this time Todd was a plumber and we were trying to juggle beekeeping, both of us working, selling our honey at markets, plus the daily grind as a family.

This is when we knew something had to give, so we made the big decision to become full time beekeepers as this was something we were both very passionate about and knowing how important bees are for the environment.

We have the best job in the world, and will stand by our products knowing that we have put so much love into everything we do, starting from working our beehives making sure that they are all happy and healthy.

We take great pride and extreme care in extracting our honey to make sure it is kept in the most purest form, bottling our honey and then being able to sell it at our local markets.

Along our journey we have been very fortunate to meet a lot of knowledgeable beekeepers who have shared their tips with us to help us grow and achieve our goals. Which brings us to where we are today running over 200 happy and healthy beehives.

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