Learn About Honey & It’s Makers

At Bellmere Honey we have a passion for beekeeping and producing the best all natural, raw honey. Here you can find our thoughts and opinions on a variety of issues impacting the industry.

Honey & Skincare

Adding honey to your skincare routine is a natural way to give your skin a boost. Raw honey is healing, moisturising, and nourishing

uses for beeswax

5 Awesome Things You Can Make With Beeswax

Beeswax is another useful product honey bees produce. Perfect for making more than just candles, here are some other things you can make with beeswax.

Why You Should Be Avoiding Synthetic Honey

There are several potential risks or health problems associated with synthetic honey, which is a type of honey that is made from artificial or non-natural ingredients.

health benefits of raw honey

Health Benefits Of Raw Honey

Raw honey is a natural superfood that is packed with numerous beneficial nutrients, making the health benefits of raw honey vast and varied

Interested In Hosting A Beehive?

Hosting a beehive from Bellmere Honey helps the environment and boosts the struggling bee population all while supporting local business

Varroa Mites & Protecting Our Bees

An outbreak of Varroa Mites is threatening Australian honey. But what are these pests and what can be done to protect our valuable bees?

cold pressed honey and its benefits

Benefits of Cold Pressed Honey

What is the difference between heat-treated and cold pressed honey? Understand the benefits of natural raw honey from Bellmere Honey.

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