Need A Swarm Removed?

If you have a bee swarm in your backyard or local area please do not try and kill or interfere with the bees – you are likely to anger the bees and get stung. The bees will not harm you if they are left alone!

Remember the important role bees play in the pollination of agricultural crops, such as many of our nuts, fruit and vegetables.

Contact us today to have the swarm removed free of charge.

Bees swarm when they feel overcrowded. It is a natural occurrence.

A swarm occurs when the queen bee, accompanied by several thousand worker bees leaves the nest (wild) or beehive and searches for a new home.

Upon leaving the nest or hive, the swarm will often only travel a short distance (up to 100m) and gather on a nearby tree branch, house eave or other handy structure while scout bees travel further afield to locate a permanent site.