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Beekeepers Todd and Chez are passionate about bees and since 2010 have worked to create a growing, sustainable local business that supports local farmers while producing delicious and affordable 100% raw honey, beeswax and honeycomb.

Based in beautiful Delaneys Creek in rural South-East Queensland, Bellmere Honey are dedicated to not only producing delicious honey but producing a thriving and growing European bee community across the area that serves not just the local community but life itself.

With over 300 active hives (and growing!), Bellmere also offer a local swarm removal service free of charge.

Our Range Of Natural Honey Products

Natural Honey

We believe in beekeeping the old school way. Meaning that we don’t add anything to your honey keeping it as raw as possible, no heat is used during the extraction and the other most important thing is not adding any fillers such as sugar or corn syrups.

The benefits of raw is endless: antioxidants, anti-inflammatory, antibacterial, alleviates allergy symptoms.

Pure Beeswax

All of our pure beeswax is straight from our own hives. To melt our wax cappings down we use hot water which separates the impurities. As the seasons change so will the colours of our beeswax.

There are many uses for beeswax such as, beeswax wraps, candles, lip balm, body mositurizers, beard balms, furniture polishes and more.


Honeycomb is the most purest form of honey. All of our honeycomb is 1st grade. Straight from the hive to you.

Honeycomb can be eaten straight and shines on a cheese platter. When chewing on the honeycomb the wax will form a ball in your mouth it is a personal preference if you would like to swallow the wax or remove it from your mouth.

No Additives. No Fillers. All Natural. 100% Australian.

Meet The Team At Bellmere Honey

Meet The Makers

At Bellmere Honey we are crazy about bees and work hard to make sure our swarms are happy honey makers. Bees are also incredibly important to the health of our environment.

Meet The Keepers

We’re a family owned & operated business base north of Brisbane. We produce 100% raw, all natural honey straight from the beehives along with pure bees wax & honeycomb.

100% Aussie Made

Bee Blog:

Keep up with the latest news and developments from Bellmere Honey and the beekeeping industry.

Honey & Skincare

Adding honey to your skincare routine is a natural way to give your skin a boost. Raw honey is healing, moisturising, and nourishing

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Massive thanks to Chez and Todd this afternoon, who came out to our place within 30mins to remove a colony of honey bees who thought our back fence was a great place to start a hive.

Very professional and the nicest people you could meet, definitely recommend these guys to come to your place to remove the bees.

Col & Mel
Chez and her crazy husband and great sense of humour.
PLUS the honey and wax blocks are to die for.
Delicious honey. So happy to support Australian farms
Best honey around👌🏼🐝🍯 usually not a honey fan but absolutely love bellmere honey.
We are using their honey every morning on our oatmeal & it's a great kick start to our taste buds.
Best Honey and honey products its ever been my privilege to taste. Tried the rest..now try the best!!

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