Benefits of Cold Pressed Honey

Honey has been used as a food and medicine for centuries by peoples across the globe. A natural sweetener and preservative with a vast range of health benefits, it’s no wonder honey has continued to be a part of our lives to this day. With modern treatment and processing techniques, most honey you will find on supermarket shelves is very different from the natural raw honey that has shaped our history. By producing only raw, natural, cold pressed honey we are able to enjoy the full range of benefits it provides while keeping tradition alive.

Cold Pressed Honey vs Pasteurised Honey

The key difference between cold pressed, raw honey and other kinds of honey is the pasteurisation process. Heat treatment is part of the industrialised processing of honey, which makes the honey easier to bottle, kills off certain cells, and gives it a clearer appearance. Heating the honey to the temperatures required for pasteurisation fundamentally changes the makeup and structure of the honey, altering its properties and taste.

Cold pressing honey maintains its natural properties by keeping it at lower temperatures and simply straining it to remove any small pieces of debris from the hive before bottling. Cold pressed honey maintains its natural flavours, aroma and colours.

cold pressed honey

Health Benefits of Raw Honey

Although there haven’t been many studies, it has been noted that heat-treated honey contains few of the natural health benefits of raw honey. Pasteurisation is great for processing things like milk, however, when it comes to honey the high heat actually removes many beneficial enzymes and particles. Heat treatment and industrial processing removes bee pollen and propolis, amino acids, antioxidants, and certain vitamins and minerals.

Raw, natural honey on the other hand maintains all the health benefits that made honey so highly sought after in the ancient world. By cold processing honey, it maintains 22 amino acids, 31 different minerals, 30 types of bioactive plant compounds, and beneficial vitamins and enzymes. All these elements are what gives honey its natural health properties.

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Purity of Honey

Did you know that products sold as honey in Australia can consist of up to 10% C4 sugars? C4 sugars include cane sugars and corn syrup. That means manufacturers can dilute their honey with other sugars without having to tell consumers.

And under Australian legislation honey can also have up to 40% non-reductive sugars. Honey is a naturally reductive sugar, meaning the body can break it down and convert the sugars to energy easily. Under these rules, manufacturers can also mix their honey with glucose syrups while still calling the final product honey.

These regulations affect any product that is sold as honey. If you’re looking for pure raw honey it’s important to find a trustworthy source who is transparent with the labelling of their products.

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Your Local Beekeepers

Bellmere Honey is a local family business dedicated to making great honey. Our honey is 100% raw natural honey with no added fillers or preservatives. Extracted without extra heat and with minimal processing we offer honey in its purest form. Contact us online or call us on 0438 172 606 to find out more about the benefits of raw, cold pressed honey.