Interested In Hosting A Beehive?

Making the decision to host a beehive on your property is one of the easiest yet most environmentally impactful decisions you can make. Bellmere Honey is looking to find winter homes for our wonderful, busy bees and your yard or property could be the perfect place! Hosting hives gives your local environment a big boost, increasing pollination which is vital to all life on the planet, including ours.

Given that bees play such a massive role in our environment, the need to find hosts has never been greater. Bee’s are under great threat, not only due to the destruction of their natural habitats but also because of Varroa mites. Each home we establish is another step to maintaining a healthy bee population which is of benefit to every single being on this earth, including animals and insects.

Benefits To Hosting A Beehive

The first benefit is free honey that is derived from your local flora. This makes it very special as honey can have a great variance in flavour depending on what is growing around you. By having such a strong connection to what you are consuming you will likely have a greater interest in your local ecosystem. Those with a greenthumb can enjoy a varied bouquet that translates their hard work in the soil to something truly their own on the plate.

Your hive will help those around you as well by pollinating flowers and vegetables grown throughout the area. You also help support Aussie beekeepers, putting more pure, natural honey on the market. This is important because it curbs the amount of “fake” honey being imported to make up for the loss of bee populations. These imports are full of synthetic fillers and result in profits being moved offshore.

Many people underestimate the impact bees have on their environment and hosting a hive can be a great educational tool. We always learn more with a hands-on approach and having a conduit to our environment on your property lets kids understand the importance of balance in nature. We have observed a trend of hosters developing a stronger connection with their natural environment once they have their own hives.

Lastly, you can directly support local businesses by hosting our hives. We mentioned the importation of synthetic honey earlier but it is worth mentioning again. Next time you are in a supermarket take some time to peruse the honey on offer. You may be shocked to discover just how many popular brands are not pure, natural honey. Synthetic honey is a symptom of our bee population struggling and supporting local beekeepers is the best form of cure.

hosting a hive
hosting a hive

Requirements For Hosting A Beehive

There are a few conditions that need to be met in order to make sure the bees will be healthy and thrive in their new home. While we would like to establish one or two hives in everyone’s backyard, the reality is it’s not feasible. The minimum amount of hives that we will install is 16 which requires a decent sized parcel of land. This amount makes it easier to maintain, with less sites needing to be visited.

The site also needs to have vehicle access in order for us to properly service and harvest the honey produced. We will always notify you ahead of time when we intend to visit the hives and you can attend with us if you wish. The goal is to make the whole process as effortless as possible for you. If you are intending to have the hives near your neighbours property, it is a great idea to have a chat with them to make sure they are comfortable with it.

It is best if the hives are located away from high traffic areas and parts of your yard or property that are frequented by pets and children. Bees have an unfair reputation when it comes to aggression and are markedly more docile than many would believe. Having said that, making sure there is space for them to move in and out freely is crucial. A bee hive is often compared to an airport and it’s true, they are constantly coming and going so keeping kids and pets away is just for their benefit.

hosting a hive

Interested In Hosting A Beehive & Supporting Local Business?

If you have more questions about hosting a hive or would like to arrange a time for us to visit your property for an inspection, get in touch with us by calling 0438 172 606 or filling in the form on this page. We will arrange a time to visit your property at a time that suits you in order to take a look around and establish whether your property is suitable to host our hives. During this time you are free to ask any questions you may have about our honey and our bees.